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Looking for garage architects? As a leading garage design company in Plymouth, MA, Laurence Malsky and his team provide designs for custom garage buildings that help to minimize builder prices.

Garage architects can help you design a garage that will fit into your current space. Perhaps you are tired of your car getting rained on. You might also want that extra space for a workshop or even a home gym. If you are thinking of a garage extension, talk to us. Our architects are skilled and have extensive experience in drawing custom garage buildings. Further, we work with garage builders whose prices are budget-friendly and competitive.

Before you begin your project, you need to consult with garage design companies. You probably have an idea of how your ideal garage should look. However, bear in mind that all additions should follow specific building codes. Our garage architects in Plymouth, MA are familiar with these regulations. In addition, they will design plans that are compliant with these codes. It is essential to be on the right side of the law when making additions to your property.

Custom Garage Buildings

Why do you need garage architects? Trying to understand all the zoning and code restrictions is an uphill task. For instance, the garage building must be some feet away from the edges of your property. You need to be careful not to build on a road either. Further, there are special restrictions for roof height, driveway design and the square feet the parking area should cover. All custom garage buildings should be in line with these codes.

The best garage design companies stay updated on these requirements. 

Garage Design Companies

If you are building a garage, you need to consider access and traffic flow. In most old homes, the driveways are about 8 feet wide. Newer homes have bigger allocations. However, you must know the building requirements so that you do not extend beyond what is acceptable. Additionally, you must factor in obstructions when making the design. You need to consider how you’ll be parking the car and if there are any hindrances. Garage design companies can help you address all these details during the planning phase.

There are instances when you need to submit plans with an architect seal to the building department.

Garage Builders Prices

Our garage plans can be very useful in minimizing what you pay in garage builders’ prices in Plymouth, MA. This is because the builders will know exactly what to do. Additionally, the architect will be on site to ensure that these plans are followed. Garage architects can also help you save on building costs. This is why you should work with them throughout the project.

Architects can also help you select the best materials.

Registered Architect in MA, AIA, NCARB Certified

We’ve got an impressive portfolio of previous home addition projects that we’ve completed in Mansfield, MA, and other areas. As a result, we offer the best advice, exceptional architecture designs, and services to our clients. 

What Our Clients Say

  • Joy M.

    Laurence has been a professional from day one. He listened to me and came up with several options that would work. He is very responsive to my questions and my preliminary plans were finished much faster than I expected. It has been a great experience overall.

  • Gotu H.

    Larry is simply a true professional. I had a commercial job for this architect and he delivered the work right on time. The drawings were brilliant and got approved at the building department right away.
    Work with Larry. You will not be disappointed. I am definitely recommending him to others.

  • Adriano M.

    Very good professional, delivered drawing on time and on budget, I would highly recommend!

  • Alfonso A.

    The way he works for me, he can work for anybody else.

  • Julie A.

    They were attentive, quick to respond and got the drawings done in a timely manner.

  • Marcelo or ivonilde D.

    He is very good.

  • Mark C.

    I was impressed with Laurence's work and he was easy to work with. He completed things in a timely fashion.

  • Armando V.

    He did excellent work, was always on time, beyond professional and I highly recommend him.

  • Danny C.


  • Phu N.

    Larry is very professional and easy to work with. He is responsive and accommodating when changes need to be made. I would highly recommend Larry for your architectural needs.

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